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Culloden farmhouse on Victoria Road is probably 17th-century in origin, remodelled in the 19th century. It was formerly a small farmstead and has been described as "....a simple symmetrical farmhouse, but with an unusual round arched niche above the door."


A feature of Camelford is the diversity (and visibility) of outhouses, rear yards, and service buildings. Many of the latter (abattoirs, mills, smithies etc) reflected the importance of the town as an agricultural market centre offering a range of rural services. Most are 19th-century, but some, especially those along Back Street, may be earlier.

• Former mill building on the north side of Mill Lane (probably 18th or 19th-century rebuild of a medieval one).

• Victorian coachworks at Clease, now the North Cornwall Museum, and other coachworks, workshops, yards and stores in High Street.

• By 1881 a cattle market was in place on the former fairground. It was closed in 1967.

• The medieval bridge, replaced in the early 19th century, was again rebuilt in 1957.


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